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Serbia is located in Southeastern Europe. It benefits from excellent water, road and rail transport connections to Western Europe and Turkey. European routes E 70 and E 75 – which provide easy access throughout Western Europe, Turkey and the Near East – meet in central Serbia.

Lapovo Furniture Cluster

133.000 m2 available area where the production facility could be built according to the needs of the potential partner – furniture producer.

Utilities to site

  • gas supply
  • electricity supply
  • water supply

Railway connection

Lapovo train station is located on the main railway crossroads of European railway directions: from Munich and Budapest to Thessaloniki in Greece, and to Port of Bar in Montenegro.

Easy access

  • 110 km to Belgrade
  • 1 km to the Highway
  • 200 km to the Croatian border
  • 220 km to the Bulgarian border
  • 384 km to Budapest
  • 350 km to the Hungarian border
  • 612 km to Vienna

Development - facts and figures

In recent years, the Serbian economy experienced growth due to strong foreign investments and continuous improvement of its business environment. In fact, since 2007, Serbia has attracted more than €41 billion of inward foreign direct investment.

€41 billion Inward FDI in Serbia 2000-2020

Serbia’s business environment is one of the most improved in Europe. Serbia is well proven as one of the leading investment locations in CEE, particularly in relation to it’s highly capable human capital and customs free access to 15% of the world market. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), in 2011 Serbia was the CEE leader in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) with €2.2 billion of inward investment. This success continued and, according to Ernst & Young’s Attractiveness Survey report for 2013, Serbia was one of the countries with the greatest capacity to attract large labour-intensive projects - both in terms of number of projects and jobs created.

Major steps have been taken to improve Serbia’s business climate, reduce the state’s economic footprint and create jobs – providing momentum for investment, economic diversification and sustainable private sector growth. Serbia has set out an ambitious plan in order to achieve its top priorities, including: EU membership; fiscal consolidation; finalization of the privatization process; improvements of the Labour Law and pension system and reforms in public enterprise management. In January 2014, Serbia officially began EU membership negotiations.

Current potential of Kronospan in Serbia

Annual figures:

  • m3 of Particleboard
  • employees
  • decors MF Particleboards express program

Kronospan furniture clusters allow companies to benefit not only by sourcing high-quality material for their needs but also by using the existing industrial infrastructure, pre-investment support and easy access to the vast markets of EU and USA.

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