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Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe. It benefits from excellent water, road and rail transport connections to Western Europe and Turkey.

European routes E 70 and E 85 – which provide easy access throughout Western Europe, Turkey and the Near East – meet in central Bulgaria.

Economic zone Veliko Tarnovo

We are located in the Veliko Tarnovo industrial zone - a convenient position in the centre of Bulgaria - providing great access to all key roads. It’s this strategic location, complemented by Kronospan’s innovative business proposition, that would give any furniture producer the competitive edge.

Kronospan owns 321 912 m2 of land in Veliko Tarnovo with well-developped technical infrastructure. Additionally Kronospan plans to provide more than 86 420 m2 area to build warehouses and manufacturing facilities to meet the needs of the potential partners - furniture producers.

Development - facts and figures

We offer at your disposal more than 8.000 m2

Potential area where the production facility could be built according to the needs of the potential partner – furniture producer.

Utilities to site

  • gas supply
  • electricity supply
  • water supply

Railway connection

The location is easily accessible because of internal railway connection to the train station in Veliko Tarnovo. Veliko Tarnovo is positioned on the major railway line Stara Zagora - Ruse and is 15 km away from the biggest railway station in northern Bulgaria (Gorna Oryahovitsa).

Easy access

  • 220 km to Sofia
  • 223 km to Varna
  • 5 km to the Highway
  • 10 km to Gorna Oryahovitsa
  • 215 km to Burgas
  • 470 km to Istanbul
  • 199 km to Bucharest
  • 400 km to Constanza

Human resources

The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo operates 22 kinder gardens; 13 primary schools; 4 secondary schools; 3 vocational schools; 5 public vocational schools in the fields of tourism, economy, light industry, electronics and construction. In addition there is 1 private professional high school; 2 special (auxiliary) schools and one university with more than 10.000 students in over 60 specialties.

Potential of Kronospan in Bulgaria
after the new investments 

  • m3 of PB
  • m2 of MF Boards
  • m3 of OSB
  • employees
  • m3 of MDF
  • m2 of new generation PET laminated and HPL bonded MDF boards

Kronospan furniture clusters allow companies to benefit not only by sourcing high-quality material for their needs but also by using the existing industrial infrastructure, pre-investment support and easy access to the vast markets of EU and USA.

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