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Luxembourg has a strategic location in Western Europe and borders Belgium, Germany and France.

Kronospan, based in the south of Luxembourg has easy access to the main motorway of Luxembourg (A13), and to the CFL Multimodal logistic hub (<20 km) offering convenient rail connections.

We offer at your disposal an area of more than 24 000 m2, where your production facility could be built to suit your needs.

Easy access

  • 375 km to Paris (France)
  • 214 km to Brussels (Belgium)
  • 516 km to Hannover (Germany)
  • 830 km to Marseille (France)
  • 0.5 km to A13 motorway

Distance from ports

  • 250 km to Antwerp

Distance from airports

  • 30 km to Luxembourg
  • 185 km to Charleroi (Belgium)
  • 266 km to Frankfurt (Germany)

Development - facts and figures

Great investment location

Luxembourg is an ideal investment location due to its central position in Europe, enabling access to all markets. With its stable and reliable economy, it offers important growth possibilities.

What makes luxembourg so appealing?

  • Luxembourg has a central position in Western Europe, close to Belgium, Germany and France
  • Luxemburg is a multicultural country and the recruitment process of a qualified workforce is easy. Many languages are spoken by a large part of the population and cross-border workers (French, English, German, Luxembourgish)
  • Workers from Germany, France and Belgium prefer to work in Luxembourg as they pay less tax and have a better pension and social system
  • The majority of the population in Luxembourg are foreigners
  • Luxembourg has a manufacturing and industrial tradition and the government supports the development of manufacturing and industrial activities actively
  • Low taxation is an advantage to establish a company in Luxembourg (attractive corporate tax, VAT…)
  • The cluster is ideally located for businesses which would like to access the French and German market as well as the Benelux market

Current potential of Kronospan
in Luxembourg

  • m3 of Melamine-faced boards
  • m3 of Particle Boards
  • m3 of MDF
  • m3 of OSB
  • m2 of Flooring

Kronospan furniture clusters allow companies to benefit not only by sourcing high-quality material for their needs but also by using the existing industrial infrastructure, pre-investment support and easy access to the vast markets of EU and USA.

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