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Poland is a country between the Baltic Sea in the north and the Sudeten and Carpathian Mountains in the south, mostly in the basin of the Vistula and the Odra river.

Special economic zone in Szczecinek

Kronospan owns 44,93 ha of fully prepared land within Special Economic Zone, with well-developed technical infrastructure. Kronospan has used the land to build another warehouse and manufacturing facility, which is now ready to rent. Construction of another hall is in progress. Several pro-business projects to further develop the cluster initiative have also been initiated including the construction of more than 300 parking spaces and the expansion of the railway infrastructure area.

Development - facts and figures

A cluster provides a flexible environment between businesses, research centres and public authorities, which facilitates dynamic interaction and cooperation among national and regional innovators. Cluster development has a beneficial impact on competitiveness and innovation, not only for individual entrepreneurs who join the cluster, but also on the region as a whole. It is for these reasons that Kronospan Szczecinek came forward with the idea of building the Szczecinek Furniture Cluster.

The Szczecinek Furniture Cluster’s ambition is to develop quickly and, in due course, be selected as a Key National Cluster as part of the scheme’s competitive selection process.

A Key National Cluster is a cluster of high importance to the national economy, characterized with a high level of international competitiveness. Key National Clusters are identified on a national level based on criteria such as critical mass, potential for development and innovation, cooperation (both past and projected) and initiating organization's experience and potential.

If we achieve Key National Cluster status, we will be able to apply for funding within the framework of the 2016-2020 Operational Programme, “Smart Growth”.

Both the wood and furniture industries are among the list of National Smart Specializations as well as the Regional Specializations of the Province of Zachodniopomorskie. The cluster initiative, which has huge growth potential, would provide a platform for the development of these key specializations.

We intend to amass, integrate and effectively use the combined knowledge of furniture cluster participants that has resulted from our long-term business experience. Due to the potential of the wood and furniture industries, we wish to enlist the support of local authorities to help create a detailed industrial database and disseminate this knowledge to a wider audience. This will ensure that the Province of Zachodniopomorskie maintains its position as becomes the national leader in this area.

Current potential of Kronospan in Szczecinek

Annual figures:

  • m3 of particleboard
  • m3 of MDF
  • m3 of HDF

Including surface finishes:

  • m2 of lacquered HDF
  • m2 of melamine-faced boards
  • decors in laminated boards

Convenient supplies to your facility are assured thanks to our numerous efficient production facilities across Europe.

Kronospan furniture clusters allow companies to benefit not only by sourcing high-quality material for their needs but also by using the existing industrial infrastructure, pre-investment support and easy access to the vast markets of EU and USA.

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