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Smorgon district is situated at the northeast of Grodno region. The administrative center is Smorgon, one of the oldest cities in Belarus. The area of the district is 1487.5 km2, the population of the district is over 53k inhabitants.

Free economic zone in Smorgon

Kronospan offers for rent two buildings (reconstruction terms to be agreed with the end-user) for furniture production or warehousing in Smorgon and Soly. The buildings have well-developed technical infrastructure, on-site access roads and situated in a close proximity to the railway. The building at Industrialny ave., 15A is located on the territory of FEZ Grodnoinvest.

Development - facts and figures

Objectives of the Smorgon Furniture Cluster:

  • support and development of furniture production in Smorgon;
  • coordination of cooperation between the companies of Smorgon Furniture Cluster
  • support and development of innovative technologies for the creation of the materials used in the furniture and its components manufacturing;
  • take in advantage of Smorgon location as an additional benefit for investors (furniture manufacturers).

Due to the location of wood processing and wooden goods production companies in the Smorgon region, the area is considered as area for realization of the concept of "smart specialization". Not only all the research and resources are taken into account, but also a full range of production facilities in the region (location, population, climate, natural resources), as well as secondary factors (social needs, potential users, public sector innovations). The initiative to create furniture cluster is characterized by enhanced growth opportunities as a basis for the development of key industries. As a result, it becomes possible to link the economy and the development potential of the region through the creation of innovative solutions.

Our intention is effective integration and usage of knowledge and skills improved during long-term economic activity in the region. Based on the potential of wood and furniture industry, we aim to link our industrial development with the knowledge and to use the support of the local administration. Due to such conditions, Smorgon district will take the leading position on the national level.

Therefore, we propose to include the initiative of FLLC Kronospan regarding organization of Smorgon Furniture Cluster into to the national strategic development plan as a tool for the region promotion and improvement.

Current potential of Kronospan in Belarus

Annual figures:

  • m3 of PB
  • m3 of MDF/HDF
  • m2 of MF PB/ MF MDF

Kronospan furniture clusters allow companies to benefit not only by sourcing high-quality material for their needs but also by using the existing industrial infrastructure, pre-investment support and easy access to the vast markets of EU, Russia or USA.

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